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    Understanding Company Financial Statements [2]

    The next item on the balance sheet is the figure for investments, which could be in a subsidiary company, quoted investments in the stock market or minority shareholding in private companies. The investments are usually quoted at cost, meaning that the balance sheet will not show whether they have grown in value or depreciated over time.

    Understanding Company Financial Statements

    When you are thinking of investing in a particular company, getting a fair idea of the information provided by the company itself to shareholders is crucial. There are key figures and trends that paint a good picture of where a company is coming from and where it is going. You don't have to be an accountant or a financial analyst to understand the message the company is giving in the balance sheet and profit and loss account.

    Time to Change Your Investing Technique

    The stock market is ruled by times and seasons, which come and go. What time we are in and what season it is matter very much in what you buy and what you sell. A new season calls for a new technique as the ever changing market conditions warrant. What investing and trading technique that direct your actions in the market are determined by the prevailing conditions that rule the equities market.

    Considering Stocks on the Basis of Risk and Return

    Let me appreciate the many responses of readers of this colunm to the piece titled building a model investing portfolio for retirement, which was published on 11th March 2013. I am quite impressed and encouraged that the article really met people at a very useful point in time.

    Head or Tail, CBN maintains High Interest Rates

    When the global economy shows signs of a slow down, the Central Bank of Nigeria says the downside risk is too high to consider reducing interest rates. That was the recurring reason for keeping interest rates high in all of 2012.

    Building a Model Investing Portfolio for Retirement

    Investing for retirement is important because that is the only way of achieving a transition from working for money to money working for you. How much of hard work money can do for you depends on how much of it you can command when you need it in retirement.

    Budget Controversy and Implications for Fiscal Plan

    The Presidency has used its two-month delay before signing the 2013 budget to dramatise its disagreement with lawmakers over their increase in the budget numbers. Raising expenditure figures has consistently been the feature of the input of the legislature to annual budgets from year to year. This time around the issues are more than just the numbers. 

    2015: Warnings of Doom and Disaster Undermine Economy

    Fears of impending doom and disintegration of Nigeria in 2015 are getting frequently expressed and warnings by top ranking voices in the nation are being sounded once again. I think it has become part of the process of the build up to our national elections. As fear takes the place of confidence, economic activity usually slows down when a national election is approaching and only begins to recover when the nation survives the doomsday predictions. 

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