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    Buying Right Stock at the Right Time

    At what price you are willing to buy a stock has got a lot to do with the ever changing sense of judgment as to what represents fair valuation at that point in time. A continuing inexplicable change in value judgment is the explanation for considering a stock too high at say N30 last week only to enter it with much effort at N40 in the new week.

    The lessons of the recent financial crisis have warranted the need for reassessing the efficacy of the financial system regulatory framework. The bitter experiences have brought to the front burner the need to test new procedures to deal with the new issues that the crisis has unearthed.
    This, I think, is in line with a global trend where financial system regulators have since been taking steps to build immunity against future financial crisis through significant regulatory changes. Is there a need for the nation to take a critical look at how its financial system regulation works? The answer is yes, because the system failed to shield the economy from the full adverse effects of the global financial turmoil.

    Stock Market Outlook 2013: A Year of Abnormal Bull

    An early bullish run has been the character of the stock market for the third year running. But how far the bull will run depends on what the regulators and policymakers in government do or fail to do. This year the bull will expectedly be stronger than seen in the preceding two years. But it isn't going to be quite a normal bull.

    When Sanusi is Right, Let's Say So

    It seems clear that it is in the character of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, governor of the Central Bank to usually pull the elephant by the tail. That is exactly what he has just done by telling the government to its face again, in case it has forgotten, that it is a bad spender.
    This isn't the first time the governor is telling government in a dramatic manner that its fiscal house is in disorder but a government that gives the impression that it is hard in hearing, I think deserves a shock treatment that could perhaps bring it back to some sense of sanity.
    Does government ever need an expert advice to tell it what I'm sure it knows quite well - that it is spending the future of our nation upfront? I do not think so unless it does not tell itself the truth. And when it gets a fair criticism, it should appreciate it and make amends. When Sanusi is right let's agree with him.

    Technical Analysis Tools and Tactics

    Technical analysis is an approach to understanding the rise and fall changes in share prices that create short-term profit opportunities. It is basically a trend following approach to determining the value of stocks. It is another way of checking whether the stock you want to buy or sell will rise or fall in price within the short-term. Instead of bordering about whether the company is making profit or losses, the technical analyst considers directly the direction the share price is likely to follow.

    Bank Performance Ranking 2012: How They Stand

    From financial crisis to post recapitalisation, Nigerian banking has passed through one of its most difficult times in history to emerge at the threshold of yet a new beginning. Some banks that started the journey couldn't make it to the end and some have made it bruised and battered.

    Margin Facilities: Your Bank Might have been Wrong

    When competition among banks intensified on the asset side of the balance sheet in 2006 and 2007, margin lending grew in popularity. In the share price meltdown that followed in 2008, margin borrowers tasted the bitter side of credit. The banks and the Central Bank, by enforcing debt recovery outside the terms of agreement, added much to that bitterness.

    Equities: What to Buy When the Market is Dicey

    The equities market is presently in a state of confusing signals and the question of what to buy isn't easily answered. This is not quite a normal bull and you can't play it well without understanding why it has become what it is. There is a bullish sunshine in the market but it is beclouded by a bearish fever, which is keeping many stocks in the cold.

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